Bensham Family Practice

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Mission Statement


Bensham Family Practice is committed to providing a high quality standard of care to meet all of our patient’s health needs.  We promise to pursue efficiency and effectiveness in order to deliver a caring, professional service.  Our aim is to achieve this by designing our services to suit the requirements of our patients and regularly reviewing existing services to focus on the need for improvement.


Bensham Family Practice values and respects both our patients and staff.  Patients have the right to be treated fairly and receive excellent quality care afforded by our multi-skilled team.  We recognize that staff must behave responsibly, maintain confidentiality, be indiscriminate and perform their duties to the best of their ability within the boundaries of their roles.  Staff have the right to perform their duties in a manner that is free from violence, aggression and intimidating behaviour.


To work in conjunction with the Gateshead Clinical Commissioning Group to perform a programme of initiatives in accordance with NHS guidelines, and to obtain maximum resources that will enable us to provide the best possible service.