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Welcome to Bensham Family Practice

Our Practice is highly patient focused and we have a multidisciplinary approach to patients’ health care. We aim to deliver the best for our patients by combining the skills of the practice team with other health and social care workers in the community.

We provide modern health care facilities and focus on continually improving the health of our patients and residents of the community.

This website is aimed at providing you the important information about our practice, our services and our staff in addition to some other useful information and tools available for you to use. Please have a look around and send us any comments or suggestions if you like. We can use your comments and ideas to improve our online services and develop the content of this site accordingly.

Know who to turn to for your healthcare

We want to help you get the right medical assistance when you’re ill, injured or have a long term condition. Going directly to the person with the appropriate skills is important. This can help you to a speedier recovery and makes sure all NHS services are run efficiently.


When you need healthcare advice or help with medicines


Sudden loss of vision. Blurred vision. Painful or red eyes?


When your mouth or teeth need urgent attention

NHS Out-of-hours

When your GP and local pharmacy are closed

Minor injury

You will usually need a GP referral, except in an emergency.

Accident & Emergency

When an illness or injury is serious or life-threatening


Owned and run by the NHS, the NHS App is a simple and secure way to access a range of NHS services on your smartphone or tablet — including prescriptions and appointments.

NHS App displayed on mobile phone



Due to extremely high demand for appointments, and constraints upon capacity, we are having to prioritise based upon clinical need, as well as utilising all members of the healthcare team. This will, unfortunately, have an impact upon waiting times for routine issues and we ask for your understanding. Some requests for clinical care may be directed to use an appropriate alternative service more suitable for your condition

Ramadan 2023

This year, Ramadan takes place between 22 March to 21 April. Haref have worked with 11 mosques to get the right prayer timetables for their individual calendars. They have also worked with the NHS Diabetes Centre, Glaucoma UK and Diabetes UK to get the right health information relating to fasting. Calendar for Gateshead and Newcastle is available here

Cervical Screening (Smear Test)

It is vital that all women engage in the cervical screening programme available for women aged 25 – 64 years.  Please get in touch with reception 0191 477 6955 and book your appointment as soon as possible.

Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Screening  (AAA)

Abdominal Aortic Aneurysms (AAAs) are a weakening in the aorta that can swell and rupture causing fatal internal bleeding. They usually don’t have symptoms  and are most common in men aged over 65.

AAA screening is a free NHS national programme that invites men in the year they turn 65, to attend a quick and painless 10 minute ultrasound scan.

You will receive your invitation through the post when you’re eligible. Please DON’T ignore it.  It could save your life!

If you need to rearrange your appointment give us a call on: 0191 445 8747

For more information visit: QE Gateshead website here 

Watch our AAA Video here

Community Pharmacist Consultation Service (CPCS)

CPCS is a service that patients can utilise for minor ailments, rather than contacting the practice for an appointment that would maybe best offered to another patient. All our receptionists can signpost patients appropriately to the most sensible clinician – which will not always be a GP; it may be a Nurse Practitioner, Nurse or Pharmacist. Our reception team can make a referral to the pharmacy of your choosing who will then contact you directly.

The list of conditions that can be seen via the Community Pharmacist Consultation Service can be found here

We politely ask all patients to consider the reason for an appointment especially during this current extraordinarily busy period and make use of this pharmacist service for minor conditions.

General Practice Data for Planning & Research Service (GPDPR)

For more information on the changes happening in how your data is shared with NHS organisations and their partners please visit the Your Data Matters page on our practice website. You will find a helpful patient guide and also an opt-out form should you choose to opt-out. If you are unsure what this all means for you and your health records / data please do not hesitate to get in touch with the practice manager.